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    DLC Leadership Team
    DLC Buzz April 5, 2010
    Message from Ed Gresser
    I'm excited and humbled to be running an institution as important as the DLC , and as I start I'd like to share a few thoughts.

    The Tennessean | Opinion September 20, 2009
    Let's Take a Long View on Costs, Budget Deficit
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    The extraordinary measures taken at the height of the nation's economic crisis were needed, but it is time to take the long view.

    Statement August 31, 2009
    Harold Ford, Jr. Joins Committee to Modernize Voter Registration
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    I am honored to join with friends on both sides of the aisle to address a critical issue. The Committee to Modernize Voter Registration is committed to providing every eligible American with a voice on the critical issues facing the country and an active role in our great democracy.

    Politico | Opinion March 26, 2009
    Education Reform is a Defining Issue
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    President Barack Obama's recent speech on education reform demonstrates that he is willing to put the full weight of his office behind fixing our failing schools.

    The Jackson Sun | Opinion December 28, 2008
    Innovation, Not Union-Bashing, is Road Out of Automakers' Troubles
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    The Republican effort to put labor unions out of the car business may serve their political agenda, but it's narrow-minded and certainly no substitute for a long-term growth and innovation strategy to rehabilitate American carmakers.

    The Washington Post | Opinion October 11, 2008
    Will McCain Do Anything To Win?
    By Harold Ford Jr.
    John McCain has to make a choice over the next 3 1/2 weeks. Will he succumb to base impulses and take the country down a path littered with smears and personal attacks? Or will he focus on the future with straight talk and big ideas? America deserves solutions for its problems.

    The Tennessean | Opinion October 7, 2008
    Devoting a Year of Service to Country Should be a Priority
    By Harold Ford Jr.
    Today, we need a new GI bill for national service involving men and women, young and old, to help secure America for the future and turn every new generation into a Greatest Generation.

    The Wall Street Journal | Commentary August 30, 2008
    Harold Ford, Jr.: Obama Should Focus on Education Reform
    By Brendan Miniter
    Mr. Ford stresses that education is among "the types of things Democrats are going to have to focus on ... Not because we want to win elections, but because the country needs it."

    The Wall Street Journal | Opinion August 4, 2008
    Helping Humanity Starts at Home
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    DLC Chair Harold Ford, Jr. participates in a debate series asking the question: "How would you spend $10 billion of American resources (either directly or through regulation) over the next four years to help improve the state of the world?"

    Newsweek | Article June 2, 2008
    Go Meet Them, Senator
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    Obama needs to get off the big stage and meet with rural and working-class people where they work, play and pray.

    The Commercial Appeal | Column May 8, 2008
    Democratic Leaders Could Cure What Ails Us
    By Harold Ford Jr. and Al From
    In addition to universal health care, our next president should create an American Center for Cures -- a cabinet-level authority charged with fighting life-threatening disease.

    The Chicago Tribune | Opinion March 21, 2008
    America Needs a 21st Century GI Bill
    By Harold Ford, Jr. and Al From
    America is rooted in the belief that with opportunity comes responsibility -- that each citizen willing to work hard and invest in the future should be given the chance to grow and succeed. To address the nation's toughest challenges, and repair our fraying social fabric, we need to return to that founding principle. That can be accomplished by crafting a 21st Century GI Bill of Rights.

    The Tennessean | Opinion March 16, 2008
    Beyond Tax Rebates
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    The financial strain faced by many Tennesseans and Americans is real. An avalanche of tough economic news -- most notably, falling home prices and increasing mortgage foreclosures -- should prompt our government to take additional action to avert a long-lasting economic recession.

    The Washington Times | Opinion November 29, 2007
    Flat Tax for Middle Class
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    To address the challenges of the middle class, Democrats should advance an agenda that aims to do something loftier than just repeal the Bush tax cuts on millionaires. It should boost incentives for average Americans to increase savings and investments, and help them participate more fully in the upside of economic growth.

    Metro Newspapers | Opinion November 28, 2007
    The Way Forward on Health Care
    By Harold Ford, Jr. and Al From
    The next president will have no choice but to fix our health care system.

    The Wall Street Journal | Opinion August 17, 2007
    Let's Rebuild America Together
    By Harold Ford Jr. and Jim Hall
    In today's environment of highly polarized partisan politics, Democrats and Republicans need common ground on which to agree, and the status of our nation's infrastructure provides a perfect opportunity.

    DLC | Bio June 7, 2007
    Harold E. Ford, Jr.
    DLC Chair.

    DLC | Bio June 7, 2007
    Harold E. Ford, Jr.
    DLC Chair.

    The Commercial Appeal | Column June 5, 2007
    Design a Containment Policy to Fight Terrorism
    By Harold Ford Jr.
    Is there a better way to secure our long-term national security interests in the fight against al-Qaida and Islamic radicalism?

    The Tennessean | Column May 13, 2007
    America Needs a Fresh Dose of Optimism to Get Herself Going
    By Harold Ford, Jr. and Al From
    Our country's problem isn't immigration or trade, It's uneven prosperity.

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