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    State & Local Playbook

    A "menu" of effective, field-tested New Democrat policy proposals from which you can model initiatives in your own states, cities and communities.

    Keeping the Swimming Pools Open
    This summer Philadelphia public pools will employ 800 lifeguards, swimming coaches, and support staff; give a million people some fun and exercise; and offer lessons and swim-team membership to nearly 3,000 children. But behind the numbers is a remarkable example of civic spirit and creative government in crisis by Mayor Michael Nutter.


    Forecasting Fiscal "Rainy Days"

    Smart State Procurement

    Targeting Illegal Tax Shelters

    Balancing Budgets Responsibly

    Budgeting for Outcomes


    Digital Government

    Affordable E-Government

    Data-Driven Government Performance

    Helping Government Workers Be More Effective

    Health Care

    Policy Brief: Health Care

    Affordable Health Care for All

    Center for Medical Response to Terrorism

    Enrolling Uninsured Children at School

    Fighting Chronic Illness


    Political Reform

    Redistricting Reform

    State Economic Development

    Policy Brief: Promoting Growth, Entrepreneurship, and High Quality Jobs in Today's Global Economy

    Bringing in Foreign Investment to Create Jobs

    Creating Trade Opportunities

    Getting Smart About Business Incentives

    One-Stop Business Permitting



    A New Leadership Agenda for America's Schools

    After School Programs

    Bible Elective Course

    Building A Comprehensive Statewide Plan for Education Reform

    Charter School Incubators


    Environment, Energy & Transportation

    A Blueprint for Greener Buildings

    Building Clean Cars

    Catching (and Cashing) Some Rays

    Driving Down Carbon Dioxide

    Growing Greener Gardens


    Homeland Security & Crime

    Policy Brief: Immigration Reform

    Community-Based Crime Fighting

    Disaster Preparedness

    Gun Enforcement Through Gunshot Detection Technology

    Military Families' Bill of Rights


    Social, Family, & Housing Policy

    Policy Brief: Immigration Reform

    Earn & Learn

    Earned Income Tax Credit

    Employee Home Loans in Highly Competitive Fields

    Individual Development Accounts (IDA)