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    Politico | Opinion | November 12, 2010
    Yes We Can Collaborate
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    Let's not wait for another season of "change" elections to force Washington to change its approach to encourage job creation, innovation and growth here at home.

    Forbes.com | Opinion | April 8, 2010
    Cut The Red Tape
    By Paul Weinstein Jr. and Marc Dunkelman
    Today, as Washington continues to struggle with the balance between economic stimulus and fiscal responsibility, we should look back to yesterday's successes and learn the right lessons.

    DLC | Opinion | March 18, 2010
    Rep. Van Winkle: The Long-Term Case for Health Reform Now
    By Sarah Bianchi
    imagine that Rip Van Winkle were to go into the hills today and come back in another twenty years to find that the Congress hadn't passed this bill into law. What would he find when he reemerges?

    U.S. News and World Report | Opinion | February 22, 2010
    Bipartisanship Is Broken Despite Obama's Efforts, but There's Hope
    By Marc Dunkelman
    Historical cycle snapped -- the fix may determine who runs Washington.

    Aol News | Opinion | February 9, 2010
    How to Crank Up the Job Creation Engine
    By Jessica Milano
    [B]y itself a jobs bill won't resolve a critical longer-term challenge that is hampering the country's ability to create new jobs: a lack of sufficient investment in infrastructure and innovation.

    Roll Call | Opinion | February 5, 2010
    A Trade Agenda for 2010
    By Edward Gresser
    In a country of newly thrifty families, waning appetite for stimulus and high hopes for recovery, a doubling of U.S. exports is the best path back -- or forward -- to confidence and health.

    U.S. News and World Report | Opinion | January 21, 2010
    Why Voters Are So Angry and Incumbents Are So Scared
    By Marc Dunkelman
    Unencumbered by the big ideological debates which defined the 20th century, the emerging electorate just wants government to do its job, and to do it well.

    Aol News - Sphere | Opinion | January 20, 2010
    The Democrats' Golden Opportunity
    By Bruce Reed and Marc Dunkelman
    Democrats distraught in the aftermath of Martha Coakley's tumultuous defeat in Massachusetts may one day look back and find a silver lining.

    The Boston Globe | Opinion | October 21, 2009
    Policing Our Cyberstreets
    By Bruce Reed and Marc Dunkelman
    The information age has equipped the nation to tackle longstanding problems with new technologies. But with those additional tools comes a new set of risks. And unless we develop an approach that aligns accountability in the world of cybersecurity with the means to protect the nation, we leave ourselves unnecessarily exposed.

    Politico | Opinion | October 19, 2009
    CFPA Could Work -- With Some Tweaks
    By Paul Weinstein Jr.
    The key to protecting consumers is better oversight and real penalties for breaking the rules

    San Jose Mercury News | Opinion | October 4, 2009
    Why Washington Needs To Get Into The Community College Business
    By Jessica Milano and Conor McKay
    To compete and win in the global economy, the nation will need a workforce trained to handle the jobs of tomorrow. To make sure the pipeline is full, we need to start investing more in community colleges today.

    The Tennessean | Opinion | September 20, 2009
    Let's Take a Long View on Costs, Budget Deficit
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    The extraordinary measures taken at the height of the nation's economic crisis were needed, but it is time to take the long view.

    DLC | Opinion | September 2, 2009
    Partisan Superfans are Driving Average Americans From Politics
    By Marc Dunkelman
    Opposing sides are so vested in winning the battle that they've lost sight of the bigger war.

    Slate | Commentary | August 31, 2009
    Art of a Lion
    By Bruce Reed
    After all these years, conservatives have a lot to learn from Ted Kennedy.

    New York Daily News | Opinion | August 12, 2009
    Curb Executive Pay -- The Right Way
    By Paul Weinstein Jr.
    Despite the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, America's bonus binge continues in full swing.

    U.S. News and World Report | Opinion | July 28, 2009
    The Lessons of California and New York: Good Politics Is Killing Good Policy
    By Marc Dunkelman
    Both states pit good politics against good policy. Here's why.

    Forbes.com | Opinion | June 11, 2009
    Wall Street's Hegelian Moment
    By Paul Weinstein Jr.
    The financial marketplace is too complicated for any single organization to watch over. But along with better-trained regulators and a single set of rules that levels the playing field, a dual system of supervision for all financial firms would go a long way toward preventing another collapse and more taxpayer bailouts.

    The Baltimore Sun | Opinion | May 26, 2009
    Now, How About a Home Buyer Credit for the Rest of Us?
    By Paul Weinstein Jr. and Marc Dunkelman
    In public life, it is a rare pleasure to point to a nearly unmitigated policy triumph. But, the first-time homebuyer credit may qualify. Given its singular success driving up demand in the housing market, it is time for Washington to consider how to broaden its reach.

    U.S. News and World Report | Opinion | May 5, 2009
    Death of Newspapers Could Kill Communities, Civic Values Too
    By Marc Dunkelman
    Should news sources cease to connect pockets of readers, we will need to think of ways to maintain those ties by bringing people together through a national service requirement, or redrawing district boundaries to maximize civic engagement, rather than incumbent protection.

    Politico | Opinion | March 26, 2009
    Education Reform is a Defining Issue
    By Harold Ford, Jr.
    President Barack Obama's recent speech on education reform demonstrates that he is willing to put the full weight of his office behind fixing our failing schools.

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